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Key Benefit:

  • Better understanding of you and your partner’s health.
  • Detect disease in asymptomatic stage.
  • Detect genetic risk for your offspring.

Before getting tested:

  • Fasting is not needed.

Included test:

  • Basic health profile:
    • ABO, Rh Blood group (90,000 VND): help in emergency case. For woman, knowing your blood type can prevent the chance of miscarriage.
    • Anti tuberculosis (150,000 VND): tuberculosis tends to stay dormant when your immune system is healthy, which is can still actively transmit to your partner.
  • STD profile:
    • HbsAg (90,000 VND): Screening Hepatitis B, an sexually transmitted disease which infect 20% of Asian population.
    • Anti HCV (240,000 VND): screening for Hepatitis C, a deadlier version of hepatitis B, however, it is easier to treat.
    • Chlamydia trachomatis IgG (180,000 VND):Screening for Chlamydia infection.
    • HSV 1,2 DNA IgG, IgM(400,000 VND):Screening for Herpes infection.
    • HIV (200,000 VND): is one of the deadliest diseases in the world, however, early detection can improve the chance of survival significantly.
    • Syphillis (140,000 VND) is very simple to cure with the right treatment, but it can cause very serious complications when left untreated.
  • Offspring risk:
    • Toxoplasma IgG and IgM (100,000 VND)(Woman Only): Screening for recent infection of Toxoplasma, may harm your baby if woman is infected within 3 months prior to conceive.
    • Karyotype (1,000,000 VND): is used to detect abnormal chromosome and thus reveal genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome, some birth defects, and certain disorders of the blood or lymphatic system.
    • CMV IgM and IgG (350,000 VND)(Woman only): may cause congenital disease to baby. If a woman has been exposed to a recent CMV infection, she can transmit the virus to baby prior to conceive.
    • Thalassemia Alpha and Beta: If you have thalassemia or carry trait and you are thinking of having baby, there are a number of important health considerations for you and your unborn baby.
    • Rubella antibody (Woman Only): The blood test checks for antibodies in your blood to show that you are immune to rubella.